Photo Album

Bhat Boy and Ginnie Rogers

Ceremony at the Opening of the Exhibition 2000

Brigid, Ernst Fuchs, and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kubrick
  Fantastic Artists
Graffenegg Castle: From left to right, young artist, Ernst Fuchs,
Duke Von Ratibor, Brigid Marlin, H.R. Giger, and Mauro Albarelli
Laurie Lipton and Brigid at the Exhibition Opening
at the Mall Galleries, London, 2000
Von Stropp, the Grand Prize Winner, Exhibition at the mall Galleries
Society for Art of Imagination founder, Brigid Marlin presents the award
Brigid and Giger
Brigid and H.R. Giger 2001
  Venosa and Brigid
At the home of Robert Venosa 
   Bhat Boy and Brigid
With "Bhat Boy" from Canada at the Press Reception
With Sir Michael Noakes, one of the judges,
at the opening of the Art of Imagination Exhibition
  Ernst Fuchs and Brigid
Discussing the Museum for Fantastic Art
with Ernst Fuchs at the Saxe-Coburg Palace
   Dalai Lama and Brigid 
The Dedication of the First Official Portrait
of the Dalai Lama