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Journey Into Darkness

Journey Into Darkness - self-portrait

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Brigid Marlin was born in Washington, D.C., studied at the National College of Art, Dublin, the Centre d'Art Sacre, and the Atelier André L'Hote, Paris, the Beaux-arts, Montreal, and the Arts Students League of New York. Later she went to Vienna to learn the Mische technique, a process of painting which was a carefully guarded secret of the Flemish and Italian Renaissance painters, and revived after painstaking research by Ernst Fuchs.

She founded the Inscape group of painters, which later became the international Society for Art of Imagination. It included imaginative painting, sculpture, drawings and print-making and is a registered U.S. charity.

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Brigid and Ernst Fuchs

Brigid's Mum:
Hilda van Stockum HRHA
Honorary Member of the Royal Hibernian Academy
Artist and Children's book writer

Olga Marlin (sister)
MA (Hons) Trinity College, Dublin
H.Dip.Ed. University College, Dublin
Principal Kianda College, Nairobi (1961-1980)
Trustee Kianda Foundation, Nairobi
Author of To Africa with a Dream, Scepter Publishers Inc., PO Box 211 New York NY 10018

Randal Marlin (brother)
Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Philosophy, Carleton University
Author of Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion, Broadview Press, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 2002.

John Tepper Marlin (brother)
Author of The Book of American City Rankings, etc.
Treasurer, American Society for Art of Imagination

Chris Oakley (Brigid's son)
Webmaster of this site.