The tarot

The Tarot

Oil and Egg Tempera painting, Mische Technique
5' diameter

This picture shows a young boy asking his fortune. There are two figures: one is fate, holding the sword; the other one is mercy, holding the cup, from her spins the world wheel.

There are two sets of cards: the major Arcana — the fortune-telling cards — all around the rim of the circle, and the minor Arcana, the fore-runner of our modern deck of cards, except that instead of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs, they have swords, cups, wands and pentacles. These represent the four elements: the Sword, which cleaves through the air, is Air, the Cup is Water, the Wand is Fire and the gold Pentacle coin is Earth, as gold is dug out of the ground. Behind the boy are two paths — the one leading to the city of destruction, the other to the celestial city.